We teach Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu as governed by The Jiu Jitsu Foundation. Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu is a modern form of the traditional Japanese martial art of Jiu Jitsu which simply described is:

  • An unarmed defensive martial art which uses an attacker's momentum, intent and body mechanics against them
  • It uses lock, throwing, misdirection and striking to subdue an opponent
  • It is traditionally based incorporating many spectacular traditional throwing techniques
  • Is a living martial art adapted for the modern day

What to Wear

Non-restrictive clothing that you could safely roll around the floor in without hurting yourself on seams etc. The classic example would be a t-shirt and tracksuit trousers but a gym top and leggings would also be OK. If you have a heavyweight gi e.g. from a previous martial art like judo that would also be acceptable. If you have some flip-flops they are handy to wear while setting out or getting on and off the mat.

In Japanese martial arts the training hall is known as a dojo. When in the dojo the following guidance should be observed.

  • Make sure you have a valid licence before training (there is a two-week grace period for new students).
  • Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated and nourished (it is not permitted to eat or drink in the dojo).
  • Be on time.